Tips for Elderly Travelers

travel-2-1With festivals and holidays around the corner, more and more people like to travel to take the long-needed break or just to visit family and friends to celebrate the festive season. For elders, travelling with their children and family is a wonderful opportunity to bond together as a family and to have an enriching experience.

However, there are certain things to be kept in mind to make the trip a fun and memorable one for all involved. IndiaElderConnect has tried to compile together some tips for elderly travelers:

1. Research your destination: When you decide on your destination, find out more about the place in terms of the weather conditions, the food available there, the travel options within the place/city and the boarding facilities. This will help you in planning further and packing accordingly.

2. Look for shortest travel time: To make the travel least stressful for you, look for the shortest travel time. Avoid connecting flights/ multiple modes of transport.

3. Book for any special services you may require: Nowadays, special services like wheelchairs, special seats, senior citizens’ concessions etc. are available for senior citizens at airports, railway stations and bus stops. These services, however, might need advance reservations.

4. Packing tips: Pack as light as you can and avoid bulky luggage. This is particularly important if you need special care and assistance. Less in your hands will help give you more attention to focus on yourself and your surroundings.untitled

Make sure all medication is packed in an easily accessible bag. Pack climate appropriate clothing and food, if you have any particular diet to be followed. Remember to carry all important documents that could be asked for, while travelling. For senior citizens availing concessions, age proof and Id cards must be carried.

5. Provide a Way to be contacted: Get a mobile phone for yourself, if you do not already have one. Add numbers of your children/ family to the speed dial list and make sure you write it down on something you are carrying with yourself.

6. Watch what you eat: Senior citizens tend to have more sensitive stomachs. You might get carried away from your diet with new food around you, but these could cause undesirable side effects.

7. Travel safe: Do not carry a purse/ wallet, instead let it be tucked away in a hidden wallet or a belt. Also avoid wearing any bling or expensive jewellery that could attract unwanted attention.

8. Happy Feet: Wear comfortable shoes to be able to make it through with the walking and touring. Flats are highly recommended to stay steady on your feet.

9. Have breaks and downtime: Having to rush from one place to another will only make the vacation stressful rather than relaxing. Arrive at the airport or bus stop or railway station well before the scheduled departure so as to give yourself enough time to get settled. When on the road, take plenty of breaks. Don’t plan a jam packed itinerary for each and every day of your holiday, it should accommodate enough rest during the day and at the end of each day.

10. Mind your meds: With the hustle and bustle during the tour, you might forget to take your medicines on time. Ask your children to help you keep a trackof your medication to avoid any untoward incidents. Carry a copy of the prescriptions of the medicines that you have to take on a regular basis.

With the above tips, you and your family are sure to have a wonderful trip. Travel together to get out of the usual routine and relax for a few days.

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