How to take care of bedridden patients

Taking care of bedridden patients is not easy – it requires big amount of warmth, patience, enormous empathy and commitment. This work is difficult both physically and emotionally. Caregiver must do even the most unpleasant things with smile on a face. At the same time being a patient is also hard. Very often it is difficult to overcome shame and allow to exceed the limits of intimacy. It could be awkward for patients to reconcile with the fact that they are not able to function properly without help of a caregiver. Even more difficult patients are those who can’t admit that they need help and care. That is why building a relationship between a patient and his caregiver is very important and results in a more efficient care. Moreover, it is always more pleasant to take care of a patient who is happy and grateful. Image result for bedridden patient clip art

So how to provide the best care for a bedridden patient?

It is important to remember that adequate daily care allows you to maintain good skin condition of the patient no matter of his position. It is necessary to adjust care products for the skin type of a patient. Proper care includes 3 steps: gentle cleaning of skin, moisturizing and greasing. To protect the skin from rashes and irritations, it is necessary to not only provide adequate care, but also use sanitary absorbent products that match needs of the patient, change them regularly and what is the most important – an adult diaper used by a bedridden patient has to be breathable.

To make process of taking care of bedridden patient more convenient, please remember about the following tips:

  • Before starting hygienic procedures, make sure that you have all necessary accessories and clean hands.
  • During changing a diaper or washing a patient, use special underpads – an additional protection that helps to keep the bed and bedding clean.
  • It is better to start cleaning from upper parts of the body: face, neck and ears. Remember to dry the skin after cleaning.
  • When washing, uncover only those body parts that you are currently been cleaned. Thanks to this patient will feel less embarrassed.
  • When washing the feet, don’t forget to clean also spaces between the toes and then dry it.
  • Apply special body moisturizing lotions on the skin after cleaning.
  • Protect parts of the skin where irritations can appear by applying special creams.
  • Teeth / prosthesis should be washed after each meal, brush patient’s hair at least once a day.
  • Change bedclothes and pyjamas as needed – do not let the patient lie on dirty or wet sheets.

Remember that patient’s condition largely depends on care that you provide.  Devoting more attention to daily hygiene treatments, doing it carefully, using appropriate cosmetics and breathable adult diapers will make a patient happy and also save your time and additional work. It is very important for patient to be groomed and his health, attitude and good mood depends on you!


– Mrs. Anna Kurakina

Seni, Incontinence Expert

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