Sinkhole that swallowed cars

We had been to the United States of America for our son’s graduation ceremony in December 2014. After his graduation, we decided to see the west coast of USA, ie. Key Islands in Florida. We decided to travel by car. On our way to Key Islands, Florida, we broke the journey at Atlanta. Mid way we visited the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Apart from race cars we also saw cars damaged due to a Sink Hole, which swallowed eight very expensive Corvette cars of the Museum during February,2014.
A sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. Kentucky has a lot of limestone bedrock materials, and they are highly soluble in water, and over time water flows through fissures and cracks, which leads to soil eroding, and causes a sinkhole, according to experts in Geotechnical Engineering. Half the state of Kentucky sits atop a carbonate bedrock, in which karst conditions can develop. Karst is a type of topography scattered with sinkholes, sinking streams, caves, and springs, which mostly develops on limestone,
The sinkhole in the museum is unique in that it happened inside the museum, where rain, snow or ice couldn’t have caused erosion of at least the top layer of soil, according to Dr. Jim C Cobb of Kentucky Geological Survey.
Since this is a very rare occurrence, we thought of sharing this with others.
The following are the pictures of the sink hole and also the damaged car, which is displayed in the Museum.


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