MY FATHER IN WORLD WAR – II (1939 – 1945)

This article is dedicated to the memory of my Father….
When he died he left behind a small metal box containing a few items he had saved from his post-war life, – WW-II Medals (4 nos.) including a pacific Star Medal and a discharge certificate of the army

In 1933 Adolf Hitler of the Nazi party came to power in Germany. He improved its economy and also expanded its empire by invading Poland and the Czech Republic. This was opposed by Britain and France. Sensing danger Hitler made alliances with Italy and Japan. This Group was called the AXIS – Force (Germany + Italy + Japan). The other group ALLIES – Force (Britain, India, France, USA, USSR. China and All Common Wealth Countries)

The war started when Germany first attached France and then Britain joined the war with France. This finally led to a World war which lasted for 6 years.


Germany first surrendered to allied forces. Adolf Hitler unable to digest the surrender, committed suicide. Next Italy surrendered and finally Japan surrendered to allies, when USA dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan.


• This war is the biggest in human history
• A total of 6.5 million people died
• Germans alone killed 12 million people out of which 6 million are Jews.
• The whereabout of Subash Chandra Bose is not known?
• Greatest Human loss was for the Russians
• It was the first time a nuclear bomb was used.


• UNO was formed to resolve any future conflicts.
• All the winners ie USA, USSR, China, France & Britain became permanent members of the Security Council.
Problems my father faced during the war:
(Location: Burma & Malaya Jungles and in Japan)

• In Jungles the only food they could carry was dry fruits and energy tablets for weeks.
• While crossing rivers in jungles a few leaches entered the boots and sucked blood.
• The Indian army feared for cannibals (man-eaters) in the jungles of Japan
• As a prisoner of war in Japan for more than 2 years, my mother used to draw his salary of Rs.32/- in Bangalore Cantonment.
• In Japanese camps a severe punishment for a dishonest soldier would be to make him stand in front of other soldiers with hands tied, a sharp pencil placed in his ear and hammered till the soldier died.

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