Facing Old age probems

Mrs. Anuradha

Everybody becomes gets old someday or the other. Hence, we should be mentally and physically prepared for the oncoming old age in our lives. As the proverb goes ‘fore warned is fore armed’ and thereby, half the battle can be won.

In the recent years, life expectancy has increased from 50 years to 70 years. Geriatrics, a special branch of medical science evolved to deal with old age problems.

By the time we are 60, we should find some hobbies such as reading, gardening or social service so that the mind will be preoccupied always. Again, we all know an idle mind invites unwanted ailments.
Medical science has advanced to find solutions to problems. However, it cannot be depended upon to give 100% results. Ageing gracefully is a more practical way of warding off old age related problems.

Here, I would like to share my own experiences. Although a 72 years old senior citizen, I would say, age has never come in the way of my working. In the sense, I can say I work as I was working when I was 10 years younger. Yes, I fell sick some time back because I neglected my health, but with care, I managed to bounce back to my active life.

It is important to take care of your health too with periodic checkups, having nutritious food and vitamins. The latest research shows 80% of Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. The reasons are many – lack of intake of sunshine is the main reason for the deficiency. We sit in the sun at least 30 minutes a day. Intake of eggs and fatty fish is recommended by doctors.

When I was down with fever, the doctor diagnosed the fever and the test showed that I had Vitamin-D deficiency with 3 mg when it should have been 30 mg and also deficiency in Vitamin B complex. The doctor asked me to start eating eggs. I am now healthy – the bottom line is eat healthy foods and exercise daily.

At 72, I feel like my age is just a number. My age has enriched my life with its many lessons. I can say I am richer by 72 years now and not just 72 years ‘old’.

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