Daughter feeding Alzheimer -stricken father.

This was an experience at an NGO, in Bangalore where the patients suffering from Alzheimer are treated, kept as inmates, and looked after. There is Yoga Center inside it. Yoga is said to be a cure. Others also can join. When I first went there and saw the patients of Alzheimer, I went into deep depression. My friend who was with me even suffered from a prolonged depression. Now I have come out of it. I got used to seeing them. I shall not write more about it because if you read it, you will all get depression.

But there are silver linings. Today when me and my friend were coming out of the Yoga class and were passing through where all these patients sit or walk, we saw an elderly lady feeding with a spoon some home made food to a very very old gentleman who was bent with age and disease. She was seated in front of him and feeding him, her eyes full of affection for him. We stood there and watched. I asked her, if he was her father.She nodded to say, yes. My friend asked her what his age was . She said softly ninety three..We found that the eyes of the lady were full of tears. We quickly moved away from there since we did not want to see her tears rolling down her face .

That is a place where even persons with hearts made of stone cannot remain unaffected. The feeling that dawn on us is, “Oh , sadness, come come.” Bonjour tristesse.

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