Computer Literacy Programme for Senior Citizens

Hello Fellow Senior Citizens;
I have been a member of the Computer Course conducted by the Nightingales Empowerment Foundation. Under Jobs 60 +scheme. I was part of Batch 75.I found this short but comprehensive course very educative and beneficial. We elders can use the various options given through this Programme. I wish to share my views with other elders of society-through IndiaElderConnectproject.
Aging is a natural process of life and for me, age is just a number.Whatever is born, has to grow, develop and ultimately ageout and leave this world. This natural cycle of life affects us- human beings more, because we have thinking power and feel the change very obviously.Our physical appearance and energy level show signs of growing up. Most of us take it in natural way, but some individuals take these changes on a serious note and they start feeling insecure. When a person reaches the age of 60, it is considered that he is old and should retire from work. Whatever duty or work he has been doing till now, he becomes unfit for that. These days a sixty years old person is fully fit and healthy; capable of doing his duty with same efficiency. We cannot change the system, but we can definitely change our thinking and make our life happy. Nightingale Empowerment Foundation is providing many such options to the elders of society. The Job.60+ shows many options to us. We can think of our convenience in selecting the type of work and live a secure, peaceful life. Life after sixty years can be taken as a second chance to pursue our hobby for which we could not find time earlier. I conclude with a hearty thanks to NEF. I wish NEF. Success in their Projects. For the betterment of Society.

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