Senior Citizen Identity Card

The Indian government provides various benefits to senior citizens through its various schemes. An identity card called Senior Citizen ID Card can help you avail facilities like various tax benefits, travel and health care facilities etc. It also plays an important role for the poor and under-privileged senior citizens. This card is an authentic proof for date of birth and address.

The Deputy Director of the Women and Child Development Department of the concerned district identifies NGOs to issue Identity Cards to senior citizens. The “Senior Citizen Certificate” can also be obtained from the concerned Tehsildar of the particular area. The card is valid for lifetime.

Steps to acquire a senior citizen ID card:

An application should be written in a plain paper for the card.  The application should be submitted along with the following documents:

  1. Proof of age (one of the following):
    1. Birth certificate
    2. School/college leaving certificate
    3. Election card
    4. Passport (not expired)
    5. PAN Card or pension card
    6. If none available, obtain doctor’s certificate only from Government Hospitals or Municipal Dispensary regarding age.
  2. Proof of name: The name given on the form should be the same as indicated in the supporting document. If the name has changed, proof of Govt. Gazette publication should be submitted or marriage certificate produced.
  3. Proof of residence: In order of preference: ration card or valid passport or election card.
  4. Doctor’s certificate: Required for blood group, illness/diseases, medication in use, and medication allergies. The certificate has to be on the doctor’s letterhead with his/her signature, stamp & registration number, a practitioner of Indian medicine with register number can also certify.
  5. Photographs: 3 stamp size photos. Stick 2 photos on white form and stick 1 photo on the pink form.
  6. Rs.50/- (official government charge)

Offices that provide the cards

Concessions available with card



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