When retirement makes you unhappy

We will in this article read reasons why retirement may bring in unhappiness, kinds of issues and problems you may face and a few probable solutions (pointers) in handling some of them.

When does retirement make you unhappy?

  • When you are not prepared / planned for it.
  • When unexpected things happen, despite planning.
  • When everything is apparently ok and you don’t know how to be happy.

What kind of unhappiness may strike you after retirement?

  • You may suffer Identity loss – you are nobody now, no power no subordinates or friends.
  • You may be hard pressed for sufficient money, no fresh sources of regular inflow.
  • Too much time on your hands leading to boredom frustrations.
  • You may be lonely and alone as children and spouse are away.
  • Combination of many of the above leading to depression / loneliness.

What could you possibly do to tackle post-retirement blues?

  • It is never too late to plan; plan for rest of your life to make it passable.
  • Learn to accept reality and come to terms with life as it unfolds.
  • Travel and explore the countryside. Many conducted tours by IRCTC are affordable.
  • Seek and help someone in need in any way you can; this brings hearts together.
  • If it is your cup of tea, keep a pet. Loneliness disappears with such loving companions.
  • Develop a new hobby – plenty are easy to start and stay on it.
  • Become a Life Long Learner- learn music, painting, language or anything new at all.
  • If finance worries you, get into a second career or become a paid volunteer.
  • Join any Senior Citizens Association and involve yourself.
  • Go for counseling to sort out temporary problems.

On any of the points outlined above, if you need detailed inputs to address specific problems that you may be facing, feel free to write to the author without hesitation. Help, advice and suggestions are available for free.


– Dr. Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy

 – Gerontologist

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