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Financial Planning During Old Age

Financial Planning is required at every stage. Financial Planning and in particular Financial Planning during Old age cannot be generalized as such. Financial planning depends on the corpus available, requirement and periodicity of returns, other sources of income/ revenue streams, number of income earning persons in the family etc.  Situations...

How can we help lonely Senior Citizens?

Have you seen senior citizens lonely and forlorn in parks? Their vacant staring into nothing in particular betrays a number of sad stories. May be they are thinking of their hazy past or insipid future, mulling over the ever gnawing problem – how to keep oneself occupied and getting rid...

Real face of Dementia

Mr. X was like any other person in the neighborhood. He was a loving caregiver for his wife who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. He was a dedicated friend, a loving father and a passionate grandfather in the family. It was a shock for the family to realize that...

Get rich slowly but steadily :The goal is to stay away from get rich quick schemes and follow sound financial principles

 One of the world’s greatest investor, Mr. Warren Buffet once said “you’re sitting under the shade of a tree because someone once planted it”. Many of us are not interested in planting trees today because it takes too many years to grow it and the benefits are not immediate. Growing your...

Communication Strategies for Dementia

It’s indescribably painful to witness the deterioration of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, or any other type of dementia. As the disease progresses, we see minor forgetfulness gradually morph into severe impairment and eventually our loved one’s individuality itself is compromised. Understanding how to connect and communicate with our loved...

Bibliotherapy and its Benefits

Have you heard of Bibliotherapy? It is a little known branch of alternative therapies. It consists of recommendation of suitable books or portions of books to patients. Reading such chosen books would help healing or recuperation faster. It is an adjunctive or support therapy similar to music therapy. Shall we...

Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

I often reminisce my childhood days when my brother and I, along with our group of friends, would go on bicycle trips around our area. We would later play cricket and football in the open field, and sometimes our local games of Laggori and Gilli Danda and Marbles. Those days...

When retirement makes you unhappy

We will in this article read reasons why retirement may bring in unhappiness, kinds of issues and problems you may face and a few probable solutions (pointers) in handling some of them. When does retirement make you unhappy? When you are not prepared / planned for it. When unexpected things...


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