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Coping with change

The institution of family as the shelter for aging is gradually being eroded. There are growing examples of children leaving their parents to live elsewhere- be it abroad or to live separately, as is the general trend in the current scenario of our present times. Children have no time to...

Balance your Way Ahead

– Dr. Veronica (PT) – Physiotherapist, Nightingales Trust Bagchi Centre for Active Ageing Balance Problems and Ageing What are Balance Problems? Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium. If a person is able to control and maintain his or her body’s position comfortably while walking, climbing stairs, standing or even...

Find yourself a hobby!

Those nearing retirement or superannuation, look forward to a relaxing life with no work, responsibilities and commitments. But after a few days of having retired, the excitement of not having to go to work or follow a particular routine wears out. The post retirement plans of travelling around the world...

Here’s wishing you a Safe and Happy Diwali!

The four days of Diwali (Deepavali) illumines and brightens up the whole of our country. The festival always brings back fond childhood memories of buying new clothes, bursting crackers and the house filled with the yummy aromas of various sweets and savories being made at home. Preparations for Diwali would...

Tips for Elderly Travelers

With festivals and holidays around the corner, more and more people like to travel to take the long-needed break or just to visit family and friends to celebrate the festive season. For elders, travelling with their children and family is a wonderful opportunity to bond together as a family and...

Things Seniors Can Do To Improve Memory

You don’t have to tolerate forgetfulness.    “What was it I was looking for in the frigde?” “What was it I was supposed to get at the store?” “What’s your name again?” Most of us have had to ask questions like this, and it seems to happen more often as...


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