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What Are The Rights of Senior Citizens In India

A senior citizen is the one who has crossed the age of 60. The Indian government provides concession, financial assistance for senior citizens. There are various public/private sectors of the society providing aids for them.  We can proudly say that our country has many laws and enactments which play a...

Senior Arthritis: Symptoms & Care

Most people commonly think of arthritis as the condition of having painful, stiff joints. In fact, there are many kinds of arthritis, each with different symptoms and treatments. Most types of arthritis are chronic with symptoms lasting years. Arthritis can attack joints in almost any part of the body. Some...

How to take care of bedridden patients

Taking care of bedridden patients is not easy – it requires big amount of warmth, patience, enormous empathy and commitment. This work is difficult both physically and emotionally. Caregiver must do even the most unpleasant things with smile on a face. At the same time being a patient is also...

Elderly Insomnia

Everyone experiences an occasional restless night. But for those who toss and turn regularly, the inability to sleep can be a source of intense frustration and may even have serious consequences. Sleep is just as essential as air, water or food. We need continuous, uninterrupted sleep to restore energy, feel...

Senior Citizens Safety Tips

1) Always ensure that your doors are locked from inside. 2) Always switch on the night bulb during night time. 3) Keep your valuables in the lockers of the bank and take them out only when you require them. 4) Install burglars alarm system, security gadgets, surveillance, cameras etc. 5)...


Technology has received huge impetus with respect to financial transactions in recent years in our country. Demonetisation, Encouragement of Digital payments through UPI, IMPS etc, has motivated every individual to depend more and more on Technology products for carrying out their various transactions. Irrespective of the extent of education levels...


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