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Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

I often reminisce my childhood days when my brother and I, along with our group of friends, would go on bicycle trips around our area. We would later play cricket and football in the open field, and sometimes our local games of Laggori and Gilli Danda and Marbles. Those days...

When retirement makes you unhappy

We will in this article read reasons why retirement may bring in unhappiness, kinds of issues and problems you may face and a few probable solutions (pointers) in handling some of them. When does retirement make you unhappy? When you are not prepared / planned for it. When unexpected things...

Revenue from GST must be used wisely

As a retiree, I should be protesting against the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Instead, I have been very supportive of it since its implementation in April 2015. Implementing GST was not only a wise move but it was also a step in the right direction for Malaysia to become...

Elder Abuse: Role of Civil Society and Government

What and why of Elder Abuse! When senior citizens are abused on account of their defenseless position by younger relatives or others ‘Elder Abuse’ takes place. Senior Citizens have less capacity to fight for their own rights because of diminishing health, poor health conditions, poverty, loss of memory, and lack...

Beat the Summer

Summertime brings sunshine, and everyone relishes the opportunity to enjoy favorite outdoor activities like Travel, outdoor activities with family and visiting the grandchildren. However, while the country continues to experience summers, you are more vulnerable to dangers of heat, sun and dehydration. You need to be careful to avoid the...

World Health Day – Let’s Talk

Every year, the World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April to mark the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO), an organization that has taken innumerable efforts and measures to tackle different kinds of diseases and mental disorders that are taking a toll on innumerable lives throughout...

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