Grandparents’ Day celebrated

Source: Tribune

The Little Kingdom Nursery School celebrated Grandparents Day on the school campus on Saturday. The day is celebrated on the second Sunday of September all over the world.

Grandparents were invited to the school. A traditional “teeka” ceremony was held to honour them and they were briefed about the day-to-day learning of their grandchildren by the school staff. A memento of appreciation was given to each grandparent who participated in the function. The grandparents were requested to play games after which they were served coffee and snacks.

The principal of the school, Shuchita Grover, while addressing the grandparents thanked them for their valuable time, presence and blessings. She further underlined the importance of the day and the invaluable relation the grandchildren share with their grandparents.

She said every generation makes better friends with the grandparents because they the greatest storytellers, the founders of love and the keepers of traditions. The role of grandparents is of utmost importance to the children because children require guidance and sympathy more than instruction.

The grandparents were happy to be a part of the celebration and thanked the school authorities for making them aware of the importance of the day. While addressing the gathering, one of the grandparents said people who refuse to take care of the elderly and leave them in old age homes should take lesson from the school and respect the elderly. The function concluded with the distribution of sweets.


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