Making a Home Elder-Friendly

As we age, our needs, adaptability to our surrounding and environment change. One place where we find peace and solace is at home. It may be necessary to make changes to your home to make it barrier-free, comfortable and safe. Here are few ways you can make a home elder friendly:

  • Lesser the better. Try and keep your home clutter-free and allow more room for free space. Have minimal and comfortable furniture.
  • Doors should be wide enough for easy movement, walkers and wheelchairs to pass through. Doors and windows should preferably be of such material that helps them to operate smoothly with easy-to-use knobs and bolts.
  • Homes should have adequate natural lighting during the day and be well lit during the night for the elderly. Many elderly people have diminishing vision so lights that are too bright can be irritating.
  • Toilets should be spacious and user friendly. Toilets are risk zones for elderly because they are where cases of slips and falls often take place. Installing handles and grab bars can make it convenient for elderly people. Make sure the toilet floor is not slippery by keeping it dry or using anti-slip mats.
  • The entrance and exit to every building should be easily accessible. If the entrance lobby is higher than the road level, provide ramps. For buildings having more than one floor, provide ramps or elevators in addition to comfortable staircases.
  • Elderly people have diminished immunity. It is very important to keep your home clean and dust-free all the times.
  • Aesthetics are an essential part of life. A life devoid of beauty is deprived of joy. Flowers, paintings or photo frames or anything close to heart can make one feel good.
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