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Ageing brings with it gradual changes in the body and mind as a natural part of ageing. A person’s lifestyle and genetic and environmental make up influences the ageing process and is seen differently in each person. Although the ageing process cannot be stopped, it is import to be aware of the possible health problems and the ways of preventing and/or managing them.
Health problems in elderly, also called the geriatric syndromes, have more than one cause and can involve any organ system in the body. Most conditions result from decreased function or degeneration of the involved organ.

Physical health:
Decline in physical health is a common feature of ageing. This could be associated with decreased body mass index, low level of physical activity and poor self-perceived health.

Mental health:

While most older adults have good mental health, many of them see cognitive changes, which are associated with mental processes such as sensation and perception, memory, intelligence, language, thought, and problem-solving. The aged are more prone to the below mental health problems.

Personal Hygiene:
Keeping yourself clean is vital to healthy living. Poor hygiene can be the source of infection and cause discomfort. However, for many elders, depending on others to help them with hygiene is embarrassing. Care should be taken to show respect and protect his or her dignity. Here are some ways of coping with issues of elderls’ hygiene.


The government of India has implemented certain laws to protect the interests of senior citizens and to ensure certain minimum standards of living. However, senior citizens are not very alert about these legal provisions as the information is scattered. India Elder Connect aims at being a central hub for all such information so that senior citizens can access it at any time without having to extensively search for it. Moreover, more number of senior citizens can benefit from these provisions and brace themselves from abuse and exploitation.