Akshita Sai Ortho- Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

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Akshita Sai Ortho- Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic provides Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the home for the individuals finding difficult to reach the Hospital, Health Care Center and Clinic who needs personal attention. Services are available 24X7 .


Osteo -Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cervical Spondylitis
Low Back Pain
Disc Prolapse
Frozen Shoulder
Peri – Arthritis
Scoliosis, Lordoesis & Kyphosis
Congenital Diseases
Increase Joint Movement & Reduce Stiffness
Shoulder, Hand, Neck, Low Back & leg Pain
Numbness and Weakness
Muscles Weakness
Bell’s Palsy
Muscles & Joint (Pain, Stiffness & Tenderness)
Ligament Injuries
Wasting of Muscles
Walking Abnormalities
Pre-natel & Post-natel
Geriatric Cases
Body Fitness
Cardic & Pulmonary X
Obesity X
Sport Injury
Rehabilitation etc.

Akshita Sai Ortho- Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic provides Provides 50% of concession for seniors

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