Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services – AMTS

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Concession scheme for senior citizens aged between 65 to 75 years can obtain the application form free of charge from Lal Darwaja Ritz hotel concession office. The holder of the pass can travel for any distance and as many times as he wants. He has to purchase the ticket at 50% discount on the existing rates.

Concession scheme for senior citizen above 75 years of age – All the rules applicable to citizen above 65 years of age are similar for the citizens above 75 years of age also. The only difference is that they get free pass instead of 50% bus fare.

If such passes for both the categories are lost, they have to obtained again by a fresh application together with Rs. 100 as fees, and have to obtain a new Identity card (pass). Such new pass will be issued once in a year only, therefore it is the duty of the senior citizens to preserve their pass.

Organization Grades

What do the following grades mean?

This infrastructure grade is: undetermined.

This recreation grade is: undetermined.

This nutrition grade is: undetermined.

This medical facility grade is: undetermined.

This documents and compliance grade is: undetermined.
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