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Everyday life with incontinence

Incontinence may cause many troubles in everyday life. Incontinent people tend to isolate – being embarrassed with their ailment they often resign from professional or social activity, try to stay at home for most of the time and avoid going anywhere they would have to look for a toilet.…

5 Spring Health and Fitness Tips for Seniors

Are sunnier days and warmer temperatures reinvigorating your zest for outdoor fitness? Spring is the perfect time to get outside and exercise! Don’t miss this quick guide to spring-inspired exercise ideas for seniors as well as quick health and fitness tips to remember:

Try Something New! 

I am Incontinent – What Next?

It is very frequent that incontinent people don’t admit they have a problem, not even to themselves. Their ailment is considered embarrassing, that is why only a small number of people with incontinence seek their family’s or doctor’s advice.…


Over the years, the human body goes through a natural aging process that causes functional and structural changes, reducing vitality and enhancing the appearance of diseases, being common alteration of the physical abilities .…