7 Reasons why visiting loved ones keep them young

Even though the process of aging is an undeniable reality, your elderly loved ones should not have to go through this process alone. When it comes to age care, the simple act of visiting them and letting them know that you are there for them, has many proven benefits for their health, well-being and peace of mind. Here are seven reasons why visiting your loved ones will make them feel better and keep them feeling young.

#1 Positive Emotions

Visits with your elderly loved one helps to improve their emotions. For instance, it reduces their likelihood for sadness, feelings of depression or stress and brings in more positive feelings including joy, happiness and cheer. This is especially true for homebound seniors who may not get to socialize as much. You can make your visits even more special by bringing a sweet gift such as meaningful flowers or a family photo album you have put together. In short, visits will provide your senior family member with a sense of connection to the people they care about the most.


#2 Gives you an opportunity to check on them

Another helpful benefit of visiting your loved ones is that it provides you with an opportunity to check on their health and well-being. By visiting them often you can make sure that there have not been any significant changes since your last visit that may cause worry. You can check on their immediate needs, ensuring they are taking all of their medications, eating well, or participating in activities that they enjoy for instance.


#3 Improves mental and physical health

According to studies, isolation from friends and family has shown to result in downward cognitive and physical capacities in the elderly. Seniors who are left alone have increased instances of weakened immune systems, they pick up more infections and there is even have an increased chance of mortality. Therefore, maintain constant contact with your loved ones to help them feel appreciated and to aid in their longevity.

#4 Increases their activity

There are physical fitness benefits of visiting loved ones as well because visits can help them get moving. Active aging is important because it helps to strengthen aging bones and muscles. One great way to get your senior more active is to bring kids along for the visit. Children are busy by their very nature and will enjoy interacting with elderly family members in various ways. Children can tell their family member about their week, engage in fun conversations or even do other activities such as reading, artwork, or taking a walk outside to improve mobility.


#5 Reduces the likelihood of elder abuse

Unfortunately, many seniors are taken advantage of because of their age. This can include physical abuse in senior housing, from a home care assistant, or from online and telephone scams. Your presence can make a difference and help to prevent such occurrences of neglect. Learn the signs of abuse and maintain constant contact with your loved one so that you can pick up any signs of things being out of the ordinary.


#6 Create memories

Visiting loved ones also helps to keep them young by creating new memories. Visits can remind them of good times both past and present. Frequent visits from you will allow elderly loved ones to reminisce about happy occasions and events. For example, from family get togethers, to photographs and other mementos, your loved one will appreciate the time you are spending with them. This can be especially helpful for dementia patients who are suffering from memory loss. All of these familiar sights and sounds can bring happy feelings as your elderly family member recalls the special moments that you share together.


#7 Reminds them they are loved

Lastly, remind your special senior that you love them through your frequent visits. A visit lets your loved one know that you are thinking about them and that they are not forgotten. Your visits are a direct demonstration of just how much you care. So even though you may not be able to spend every day with them, your visits show that they still have a special place in your heart and that’s why you have carved out the time to spend with them.


Visiting with senior loved ones is a rewarding experience that helps your loved ones feel young. Make some time to visit the elderly in your life today and show them just how much they mean to you.


-Felicity Dryer

Geriatric Expert

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