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Senior Citizens Safety Tips

1) Always ensure that your doors are locked from inside. 2) Always switch on the night bulb during night time. 3) Keep your valuables in the lockers of the bank and take them out only when you require them. 4) Install burglars alarm system, security gadgets, surveillance, cameras etc. 5)...


Technology has received huge impetus with respect to financial transactions in recent years in our country. Demonetisation, Encouragement of Digital payments through UPI, IMPS etc, has motivated every individual to depend more and more on Technology products for carrying out their various transactions. Irrespective of the extent of education levels...

11 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

We already know that a healthy lifestyle is a major factor in living a long life, but new studies show that having hobbies and staying socially active is equally important for seniors. It has long been known that a nutritious diet, exercise and positive health choices all contribute to helping seniors feel...

Seniors in Flight: Protecting Yourself During Air Travel

Few people look forward to air travel. Long lines, awkward security checkpoints, and cramped airline seating all but ensure that flying is an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. For seniors, air travel can be especially inconvenient. Between physical limitations, health concerns, and travel crime targeting seniors, getting on a plane can sometimes...

Rise Above the Fear of Falling

Falling is not a nice experience for anybody, but it is particularly frightening for older people, who are more likely not only to encounter a fall but also suffer serious injury or death from falling. In turn, they may feel fearful and apprehensive about simply being in their own home,...

Healthy snacks for seniors

Seniors often lose some of their appetite or change their eating habits as time goes by. A number of issues can affect your diet as you get older: You might have problems chewing or swallowing, or have a chronic condition that requires you to reduce the amount of fat and...

How to Set Realistic Goals as a Senior

Setting goals is an essential component of finding success in any type of endeavor. However, it is important to make sure that the goals a senior sets are measurable and tailored to their abilities and level of health, so that they can avoid frustration and move forward with confidence. Create...


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