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Healthy snacks for seniors

Seniors often lose some of their appetite or change their eating habits as time goes by. A number of issues can affect your diet as you get older: You might have problems chewing or swallowing, or have a chronic condition that requires you to reduce the amount of fat and...

How to Set Realistic Goals as a Senior

Setting goals is an essential component of finding success in any type of endeavor. However, it is important to make sure that the goals a senior sets are measurable and tailored to their abilities and level of health, so that they can avoid frustration and move forward with confidence. Create...

Everyday life with incontinence

Incontinence may cause many troubles in everyday life. Incontinent people tend to isolate – being embarrassed with their ailment they often resign from professional or social activity, try to stay at home for most of the time and avoid going anywhere they would have to look for a toilet. In...

Senior citizens should jog their memory daily

Virtually every day more research is focusing on issues impacting senior citizens. One recent example is a study that said keeping the mind active is a key to good health. “As we age, we lose neurons, but these neurons can form new connections,” said Jim Wirth, human development specialist, University...

5 Spring Health and Fitness Tips for Seniors

Are sunnier days and warmer temperatures reinvigorating your zest for outdoor fitness? Spring is the perfect time to get outside and exercise! Don’t miss this quick guide to spring-inspired exercise ideas for seniors as well as quick health and fitness tips to remember: Try Something New! Spring is the season of...

Improve Your Memory with Superfoods for Brain Health

Alzheimer’s disease and its risk factors are not completely understood, but researchers have found links between compounds in the foods we eat and a decreased rate of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. In fact, some researchers believe that food and nutrition should be a key focus in the investigation...

Anosognosia and Alzheimer’s

More than denial, anosognosia is a lack of awareness of impairment — most people do not even know they are ill — and it affects up to 81% of those with Alzheimer’s disease. A Place for Mom recently had the opportunity to speak with the Treatment Advocacy Center to learn more about anosognosia...

I am Incontinent – What Next?

It is very frequent that incontinent people don’t admit they have a problem, not even to themselves. Their ailment is considered embarrassing, that is why only a small number of people with incontinence seek their family’s or doctor’s advice. If you have bladder weakness, remember that you are not alone....

Fixed Teeth – Goodbye Dentures

Over the years the most commonly opted treatment for replacement of all or most of the missing teeth were either complete dentures or partial dentures. These were made of acrylic resin and had its own set of drawbacks. However for decades it was used as it was a cheap, fast...


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